Dear Walking

Dear Walking,

We’ve been seeing each other for over forty years, well I say over forty but my mum sometimes reminds me that I didn’t started walking until nearly two years old but that’s a story for another day, but I feel that this letter is long overdue. But every day, my heart beats wildly for you. You have brought me to some beautiful places. Because of you, I have experienced some breathtaking views mostly just me and you but also with the boys and birdie my walking stick, and met some amazing people.

Our walks in the wilderness are memorable and always bring a smile to my face and sometimes a tear,

But most of all, I love how you bring out the best and worst parts of me. You take everything I have mentally, physically, and emotionally and yet you offer a safe place for healing, a place to think, recharge my batteries and to enjoy the boring life of my dreams.

You’ve been there for both hard sends and hard falls (both the kind of scary and amazing) and ultimately, I am a healthier, happier, and more driven human because of you.

When walking we sort of become part of nature. It becomes a great equalizer, Not like Denzel Washington on the film ‘The Equalizer’ obviously. I love how through walking, we’re able to channel emotions through something physical. I love the way the mind and body connect as well as the connections we build with other humans and nature and the world around us.

Finding ways to unplug our lives and instead of looking for the release, letting it find you, embracing it fully and then resurfacing. Seeing what kind of person, we can become when we resurface.

I have climbed to the top of Helvellin in The Lake District National Park. I’ve been scared of narrow paths walking up distant peaks, I’ve returned to earth by headlamp after misjudging the time. I’ve eaten cold squashed tuna sandwiches after seating on my bag because the ground was wet. I’ve slept under stars that set the sky on fire on the clearest of nights. I remember with nostalgia the long walks as a child from home to the beach carrying a wheelbarrow fully loaded with fruit and cold drinks. And then I’ve also fallen asleep to the sound of pure silence entombed in my sleeping bag. Because of these experiences, I have become the person that I am today.

They say that experience builds character. I say it builds whole chapters of your life.

So far, we have had a few great chapters together these last few years and I look forward to the adventures to come. Yes, there will be times when things don’t go as planned and life is strange and feels scary, sad and disconcerting. We all have those moments. We all break down but there is always strength to be drawn from your mountains. Thank you for sharing your strength with me—every day, I am becoming a better person because of it.

All my love,

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